January 2, 2009

A new year, a new beginning

Happy New Year!!

I love New Year’s! It’s probably one of my most favorite holidays, but most importantly, I love it because it feels like a fresh new start.

We actually DID travel to Austin for NYE (New Year’s Eve). It’s a long boring story (the reason why we ended up going). We didn’t drive and we only stayed for one night, so it wasn’t a long money-spending weekend! We had a blast!!

My BFF, T, actually asked me to be her MOH (Matron of Honor) on NYE. I was so incredibly happy, I nearly cried. Now I’m stressing over the toasting speech. Eck. She’s getting married on July 4th and I’m secretly hoping I’ll be a PG MOH.

I’m so thankful it’s Friday, but man, I don’t feel like working AT ALL.

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