May 27, 2012

Post Birthday Party Day

There's a pile of pinwheels in the trash - pinwheels John and I spent many late nights creating by hand. :( It's so hard to throw them away, but it's silly to hold onto 50+ pinwheels as keepsakes. Such a sad feeling. I refused to throw away her flag banner, so we hung it in her room for her to enjoy!

NOW I completely understand the 1st Birthday Denial - when Moms choose to ignore the rapid growth of their newborn and adopt the strong denial of toddler-hood.

Yesterday was Aiyana's party, and it was an EXTREMELY stressful and exhausting day. I have little ability to delegate, and I attempt to take on too much. I have a perfect vision, and I don't stop short of making it a reality. By party time, I wasn't in the best of moods. :( I tried to avoid the bad mood by planning this party MONTHS ahead of time, but I waited till the last minute to start making decisions. :( Oh well. I won't dwell. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful party for Aiyana, and no one even noticed what was "missing" because I ran out of time! :P

Today, I'm experiencing something called relaxation and it's SO strange. I keep thinking "There's something I should/could be doing right now!" AND I'm off from work tomorrow.... my body might go into convulsions soon. :)

Her actual birthday is on Thursday. John and I plan to continue celebrating on Wednesday night when we'll take her to a Ranger game, and on Thursday when we'll have a family picnic at the park, depending on the heat. :) 

May 2, 2012

5 months

{Aiyana was 5 months in October 2011. Today is May 2012. Pitiful, I tell ya. This blog post was in "drafts" unfinished, never posted... till now.}

October was filled with lots and lots of firsts! Our fun bucket over flowed this month. Having this child in our life is such an absolute joy...

Some things I don't want to forget about Aiyana's 5th month...

- First pony tail (10/8/11): So of course her hair was super long when she was born, but, boy, has it grown! We were very fortunate never to hit that hair loss or bald spot period... Her hair has continued to stay strong and continued to grow and grow. Her hair doesn't relax well after air drying, so I got a little fed up and pulled it up... viola... and our first pony tail!

- First pig tails (10/22/11):  After a couple weeks of pony tails, we need a little variety, so we tried pig tails on a gameday and these came out perfectly!

- First visit to the pumpkin patch.

- First Halloween
Aiyana was a Bumble Bee, and Mommy had tons of fun piecing her costume together. I knew we wouldn't be trick or treating, so we needed something simple and comfortable. It was "made" out of a simple yellow onesie w/ a Mommy-made felt stinger velcroed to the bootie... black and yellow striped baby legs... and a crocheted hat w/ built in stingers! The entire costume cost me no more than $25!

We attended our first Halloween Party, and she won the costume contest! :P

- This month she also started making this "squish"/gargaling sound and shrieking at a high pitch! She also started reaching her arms out for me. <3