December 29, 2008

Stress and a sort of New Year’s Resolution

I’ve handled the household finances for many years and it attributes greatly to my high stress lifestyle. I’m self-employed and my husband, J, is a full time student, so it’s very difficult to “plan” or “budget” when you’re income is never steady – well, that was my excuse in 2008. On January 1, 2008 I promised myself to do whatever it took to increase our income, decrease our expenses and pay off our credit card debt. Did I do whatever it took to increase our income? Yes, most definitely. Did I do whatever it took to decrease our expenses? Not one bit and it saddens me greatly to see how much money we spent this year on eating out alone. Let’s just say I could have bought a small Nissan Versa for Chevy Aveo!! No kidding.

2009 will be different and we’re starting on New Year’s Eve! We won’t be making the trip to Austin for New Year’s. I’m totally bummed, but I must not always be a brat and get everything I want. I must learn to do what is best for our finances. So we’ve decided, we’re staying here for New Years! Secretly, I’m actually very excited to stay home with my hubby on New Years! I’m hoping it will be just the two of us at home sipping on non-alcoholic champagne (do they even make that?) and enjoying our first “planned” BD (baby dance a.k.a baby making sex) sessions!

I’m also giving the Finances responsibility to my husband. I’m hoping that with this I’ll be more disciplined with spending money, because he won’t let me!! I won’t know the balance in the account, so it won’t be as easy for me to say “I don’t feel like cooking. Let’s go out!”.

In addition to not spending the money to travel for New Year’s, I’ve decided I’m not going to buy OPKs (Ovulation Predictor Kits) and HPT (Home Pregnancy Tests) this cycle. It’s only about a $20 - $30 expense, but still, everything adds up! If we get a BFN (big fat negative) this cycle, I’ll ASK my husband if I can buy some in January!

TTC front – AF is still visiting. No sign of her departure. Still ecstatic to have her visiting, but come on already....

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  1. A very Happy New Year to you and your husband! Sending you lots of baby dust!