January 14, 2009

I hate flat temps.

I’ve had more flat temps this cycle that I ever have before. I hate them. I don’t know if they are good or bad, but I still hate them, because it means they are not moving! After I entered my temp from this morning, the s/w says I O’d on CD18 (the same day I took the HCG trigger). I’m not convinced. Why? Probably because I’ve been through this twice before and I was tricked into thinking I O’d both times. I really want to see temps above 98.1. Then maybe I’d believed it.

I’m thinking about going in for the p4 blood test. The results should be able to detect if I did indeed O. Or I could just wait for a BFP or AF.


  1. Oh girl I am so with you. in just someone or something telling me I ovulated...I wont believe it til I am pregnant than I will know I ovulated!

    PS Where did you get the chart online thing you have? Is it free?


  2. Ya know, those charts - as much as I used mine religiously EVERYDAY - still won't tell me when I ovulated. It was sickening. But, I still like the chart. Odd, no? lol.

    Hope your temps rise!

  3. Hi A,
    I just wanted to let you know I changed the url to my blog. I appreciate your encouraging comments on it and I enjoy reading your blog, so I didn't want to lose touch. :)
    I hope your temps go up soon. Good luck!