January 21, 2009

Negative Nancy and an excuse for everything

I’ve been a true Negative Nancy about Clomid Cycle #1. I’m still not convinced I O’d. Everyone that looks at my chart says I surely did.

Here’s what I’ve been telling myself lately:
1. You O’d ON the day of the HCG Trigger. What are the chances of that? Did the trigger make you ovulate within 12-24 hours? I don’t think so! Could you have O’d on your own with no assistance from the trigger? it’s possible! BUT...

2. I’ve seen/charted temps that resembled O twice and I was stabbed with a pitch fork with a BFN and no sign of AF. When I compare this cycle to the last time I thought I O’d, there’s a resemblance in the range of temps. The increase is only half a degree, which is exactly what I’m seeing now. AND...

3. What about the high temp on CD16? It’s currently covered up as the s/w uses “Rule of Thumb” calculations and automatically discards it. If I override the calculation, the s/w takes away my O.

Now for the excuses:
My 3 highest temps after supposed O, were due to alcohol drinking the night prior and/or illness. I’m fighting a cold right now.

5. Maybe the HCG trigger made my temps increase?

6. And I've been having left side O pains for the past two days, again. WTF??

I guess it’s nothing I should stress over anymore. I can only wait it out and see what happens. If my temp stays high tomorrow, near the current range, and I’m feeling good (as far as my cold goes) then I’ll POAS tomorrow morning. If I can talk myself out of POAS tomorrow, I’ll wait one more day to see what my temp does.

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