April 27, 2011

35 week update

35 weeks, 35 days to go!!

So apparently, my daughter had a bit of a growth spurt in the last two weeks. I can't believe the amount of growth in my belly in only 2 weeks. I can't imagine getting any bigger!! I don't feel huge; however, I am starting to notice the difference in her movements. They are more noticeable, because she's bigger and running out of room. I'm also finding it more and more difficult to roll over in the middle of the night!

My OB visits continue to be boring. Thankfully, fundus always measures "perfectly" in my doctor's words, BP is normal, nothing spilling into urine, and no complications. My OB made a remark at my visit last week that I was the first "uncomplicated patient of the day"! Awwww!

I am crossing my fingers we can finish the nursery up this weekend, but I'm waiting for her wall decals to arrive and I'm not sure we'll get them by Friday or Saturday. :( If not, I'll be busy putting the finishing touches on her room AND studying for finals next weekend.

It's becoming more real that we'll be responsible for a newborn in a few weeks. I'm training my replacement at work who will be taking care of my job responsibilities at the office. I'm also working hard to make sure everything is ready to go when I go on maternity leave!

April 20, 2011

Freaking Out...

I think I'm entering the "freak out" phase. The light at the end of the tunnel is so bright, and it's scaring the crap out of me. I'm about to start studying for finals. DH is also studying and on his last few days of normal class. ...and what happens after finals? What have we been waiting 9 months for? ...oh my.

Our to-do list and our to-buy list is getting shorter and shorter. I'm getting closer and closer to being officially emotionally and physically prepared for this baby girl to arrive. But, I'm also starting to ask myself. "What am I forgetting? This can't be everything! This doesn't seem like enough "stuff"... what am I forgetting?"

I don't feel 100% prepared for BF'ing yet. I'm in the middle of my first BF'ing book and I'm constantly reading posts on The Leaky Boob's Facebook page. I feel content knowing if I'm not 100% prepared I have those ladies to ask anything to! But I want to be 100% prepared. I don't want to "wing it", because I'll be easily discouraged and may give up quicker.

I'd also like to research some Bradley relaxation methods. I won't follow the Bradley Method, but I'd like to try some different things to help me through labor. Can't hurt, right?!

April 17, 2011

Fort Worth Shower and 33 week update

Our local shower was last weekend. It was hosted by Cathy, my boss' wife, and my oldest sister, Melissa. The one word I can use to describe the event was Magical. They made this occasion so beautiful and classy! We enjoyed brunch foods to include biscuits & gravy, eggs, pastries, croissants, fruit, curdled cream, and the list goes on! The meal was accompanied by mimosas, bloody mary's, and orange juice (for me!). The ladies used the colors of the nursery and decorated with fresh flowers, feathers, and satin.

Both sets of parents came into town, as well as my middle sister and her family. This occasion was particularly important to me, because this was the first time my family would meet Dr. G (my boss) and his wife. They all know how fortunate I feel to work for such wonderful people, and I wanted them to see that first hand. I witnessed Cathy tell my mother that I was dropped here [in Fort Worth] by God. You can imagine how that made me feel.

So, I'll be 34 weeks in a couple of days!

I'm still feeling amazing and sleeping as good as I could possibly be, so I'm thankful! DH and I have turned the nesting into overdrive. We have a list of what is left to buy, and I'm so very thankful to our family and friends who have absolutely showered this baby in abundance with gifts, that our list is very short and only includes a few last minutes small items and a couple wants!

I'm still experiencing gallbladder pain. I had an ultrasound on Monday. The tech took lots of pictures, but my results came back normal. I may have buildup, but I have no stones. I may need a HIDA scan, but can't have one of those during pregnancy.

The tech did share two things with me. Baby girl has lots of hair! I was happy, but a little confused. I thought she was head down? ...YES, baby girl flipped and is now head UP! Grrrrrr. She's been head down for at least 5-6 weeks and now she's head up!?! This explains the strange circus acts I was feeling this weekend. And actually, as of this morning, I think I'm feeling taps of heels and feet again, so I'm crossing my fingers she corrected the error. :) Update: She is indeed head down again! She gets her indecisiveness from her daddy!

33 week belly pic...

April 8, 2011

A moment I enjoy and don't want to forget!

I read somewhere that the baby doesn't "enjoy" what I eat/drink until 2 hours after the meal. I eat breakfast at about 7:30 am every morning. Lately, I've been drinking a glass of orange juice with my bowl of cereal. She LOVES orange juice!

It's like clockwork, every morning at 10 am, I get some little reminders that there's a bouncing baby girl in my belly! I feel her little feet way high in my belly!

If I rest my arm at the top of my belly, it feels like she's walking on my hand and arm! It's so comforting. I love it!

We had our 32 week OB check up yesterday. She's measuring perfectly still and I've gained back all but one pound from my sickness. Total weight gain - 12 pounds.

I talked with my OB about a pain I've been having. All signs point to the gallbladder. At this point in my pregnancy, I do not think they will do surgery to remove it, but he wants me to have an u/s done anyways. Ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, so we'll see what's in there.

Also, after I got home from our appointment we started to get the apartment cleaned and presentable for company this weekend. I think I started to feel my first BH contractions. I haven't been feeling these at all, but wasn't wishing for these to show up either! I'm still not 100% positive this is what I'm feeling. I guess it could also be baby girl's butt pushing up and out, because I feel that often! :)

Lastly, my daughter has nails... and probably long fingers like her momma. I feel her claw at my bladder and cervix often! It feels so strange, like she's trying to break out of there!! It worries me a little, because we've been told she's head down. Maybe she's messing with her beautiful brown locks! :)

April 3, 2011

Strange Changes in The Belly

I'm not surprised, but it's a little freaky to look back at my last 3 belly pictures - one picture before I got sick, one during my sickness, and one post sickness.

I lost 7.5 pounds during the week I was battling the virus. I gained most of it back, but I'm still about 3 pounds away from what I was before. So my total weight gain went from 14 pounds to 11 pounds.

I've been doing some hardcore nesting lately. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the nursery is not finished. My goal date is still set for May 1st! I'm pretty confident I can achieve that! There are still some small things we need to get for this baby; however, I have my last shower next weekend, so I'm taking my time getting all of the loose ends taken care of.

We took our childbirth class this weekend. Working for an OB/GYN I thought it would be pretty boring, but it was actually pretty informational! I guess I really don't know everything about pregnancy and childbirth! :P I think daddy enjoyed the class as well! I asked him if he learned anything, and he said he didn't know I could poop on myself! lol. Oops! I guess I left that small detail out!

Another Fun Daddy Tidbit: Daddy heard baby girl's heartbeat loud and clear with his ear to my belly yesterday!! He loved it!

She's still head down... crossing fingers she stays that way! :)

April 1, 2011

Thoughts to my fellow infertiles...

I've entered the home stretch - less than 8 weeks left. I'm about to enter a new chapter in my life. My life will forever be changed, and still, I feel like I'm leaving someone behind.

I have been given the greatest gift. Why me and not so many others that want the gift?

My journey was 3 years long. I didn’t intend for it to be so long, but God knew what was best for DH and I, and He knows what’s best for all of you too! It’s hard to WAIT, period. It's also so hard to wait for the truth - to finally face and listen to the truth when the truth doesn’t just come out and scream at you. He may make you wait longer than 3 years, but you’ll understand the “why” when it’s finally your time.

I feel like I’ve left you all behind - left you in that evil hell of infertility. I don’t wish IF on anyone, but I do believe it has made us all better mothers. We have longed for this with deep intense passion. With that passion, we will love and care for our children with every ounce of our being. We waited countless days for answers - sometimes answers we never received. Thus, we have been taught patience.

As I welcome this baby into the world, I will always be an infertile. My heart will always wear that label. I will never forget my journey. I will never forget or leave behind those who are still enduring their IF journeys. I will think and pray for you all often! This isn't goodbye.