November 19, 2009

Chicago and an update

Our housing troubles seem to be behind us for the most part. Our landlord has found a new tenant who is available to move in on December 1st, so he won't need to proceed with an official eviction. That is great news! We will begin moving the day after Thanksgiving!

I'm scheduled to fly out to Chicago on Sunday. I'll be beginning the testing for the new Research Study I'll be participating in. I will only be in Chicago for two nights. I do know that I'll be involved in some pretty extensive tests such as an MRI, CAT scan, and a treadmill test. I'm looking forward to meeting with the dietitian and getting on with my weight loss! :)

This will be a 6 month study; however, I am allowed to leave the study at any time, if I choose. I'm grateful I have a choice, but I'm not starting this with any intention to leave the study early.

So, essentially, this means we'll be on a TTC-break while I participate in the study. I think the 6 months will fly by. We've been TTC for 2 years now, so what is another 6 months! We're still young and thinking positively!

November 7, 2009

House troubles

In October, my company experienced it's lowest revenue to date. It was even lower than my first month in business.

Our November rent was extremely difficult to pay, so we contacted our landlord to request a sublease for December 1st. We were so happy to hear that he was actually willing to work with us. Whatever amount we were behind, we would just pay him back within 90 days. Fantastic... then, he consulted with his attorney... and the rug was pulled right out from under us.

His attorney advised him that we could not make an agreement outside of the lease. If we're unable to pay our rent in December, he will move forward with a formal eviction.

Ugh, back to apartment living. Dh and I are sad to leave this house. We love it, but we're trying to focus on the positives. It will only be for 7 months. We'll be right across the street from the college and dh will be able to walk to school! The best news is our rent will save us over $700 a month!

November 5, 2009

CD31 - BFN

Today's visit was supposed to be my last study visit; however, they informed me that I actually had TWO more visits. Ugh. So my last two visits are on the 15th and the 20th. If I still have a BFN on the 20th, I'll receive my complimentary Clomid and my study compensation! Yay!

I haven't been temping much, because of daylight savings time and my crazy work schedule. I did take my temp the other morning, one hour earlier than normal which would of been the correct time if daylight savings time hadn't occurred, and it was within the normal range, so given that temp and my constant O pain, I'm positive I haven't O'd.

I've been thinking and thinking about my options and the only thing that remains the same is my want/need to lose weight. I've lost a little, so that is great!

Most likely, I will participate in the 6 month research study. I'll have the best chance to lose weight during those 6 months and after the study, dh and I can try to TTC again!

Around here the stress level is at it's highest; however, I'm hanging in there. Long story short, we may be moving in the next 30-60 days.... again. We can't afford to live in our beautiful much loved rental house. I curse this economy... and my ignorance and inability to save money. I'll share more later.

November 1, 2009

Extremely Stressed

A lot is going on right now. I almost can't even blog right now, because I don't even want to think about it, so... for now, I won't depress you.

I got good news at my visit on Friday; however, once I got home is when everything came crumbling down, so I didn't have time to really celebrate!

I have a "new" large follicle on my left side. Yay! They are positive this is not the cyst, because well, the cyst is still there. The follicle was about 18mm on Friday and I've been having strong O pains ever since. Now these O pains are what I associate as O pains. Since I do not actually O, I can best describe it as what I feel when follicles are larger in size. And in a way, I think that my body is trying very hard to release them, but can't, and well, that's what I'm feeling.

DH and I bd'd yesterday just in case! Since I'm responding late, they may add on another appointment for another PG test.

Other than that, I'm hanging in there.