January 7, 2009

I strive for perfection

Not really, but it was exactly what I said today when our second follicle check revealed one of my follicles had grown to 18 mm – the exact measurement my doctor wanted to see before she prescribed the HCG trigger. The other follicle had grown to only about 14 mm and I have many tiny follicles on my right side. She said that’s a great sign showing lots of potential for our next clomid cycle. (Crossing my fingers there won’t be a next clomid cycle!)

I was pleased and DH was actually excited! Now I’m dreading this shot. I have to put it in my thigh muscle. How in the world am I going to do that? Dh said he won’t do it for me – big baby. HAH!!

My endometrium (uterine lining) was 9 mm today. From what I’ve read this is good for implantation of a fertilized egg. Ideal is 6 mm or more, I believe.

I’ve been checking my CF (cervical fluid) and CP (cervical position) to help in determining O. I’m still very new at this, so I, honestly, take it with a grain of salt. Last night I observed a very soft and open cervix. I’ve never felt that before and it really freaked me out. For all I know this could be “partially open” and an actual “open” cervix will freak me out even more. I immediately laid down in bed with dh with one thing on my mind. After 5 minutes of lying there he got up and started to play his Xbox 360. Grrrrrrrrr, boy was I perturb. Oh well, he’s all mine these next few days!!


  1. Glad your follies looks good and Im sure the shot will be ok, good luck with it!

  2. That's good news to hear! And ya know, I'm so impressed that you're able to check for CP...I can't do it to save my life.

    Sending lots of BD your way!