January 23, 2009

I'm grateful for a BFN

Yes, that's correct. This morning's temp was the highest temp I've ever recorded. I felt pretty good, as far as my cold was concerned, so I tested and got a BFN.

Now I know what's it's like to be hopeful and wishful and then, bam, stark white BFN.

Prior to this cycle, I used to get really perturb and in a way a little offended when I’d hear other women complain about their BFN only after 10 dpo or a few days thereafter. I realize now it’s not the best feeling in the world to expect a line and see no line; however, with my first BFN, I’m actually grateful and I’ve created a list:

1. I’m grateful I have 2 ovaries, 2 fallopian tubes, a uterus and a cervix. Some women can’t say the same.
2. I’m grateful that I ovulated. Some women never do.
3. I’m grateful my LP is longer than 10 days. Some women’s LPs are not.
4. I’m grateful that I can afford and take Clomid. Some women cannot.
5. I’m grateful that I had two large follicles on CD13 and CD15.
6. I’m grateful to have a loving husband with whom I can TTC with. Some women do not.
7. I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve acquired through books, articles, doctors, friends, and family about TTC. Some people do not.
8. I’m grateful for my doctor and office staff who are assisting DH and I in TTC. Some women can’t afford to go to the doctor.
9. I’m grateful I can afford PG tests. Some women cannot.
10. I’m grateful for my friends, family and all of you who are concerned with our journey and have supported us through it. Some people have no support.


  1. Wow, what an amazing list of things to be grateful for, thats really good perspective!

  2. what a great way to see things! sorry about your bfn but you totally have the right mind frame that you had a healthy normal cycle sometimes i think when aunt flow comes its a blessing that my body does what God designed it to do! Sending happy thought your way!