May 21, 2010

Pain, Fed Up, and 3 Hr Glucose

********* TMI WARNING ***********

I almost died yesterday. I was experiencing the WORST, most awful cramps of my entire life! I was really scared that it might be a ruptured cyst, but it was constant pain for over 2 hours rather than quick sudden pain, so I tried not to worry too much.

As of today, I've been bleeding for 9 days. This has been a strange period. Last cycle was 60 days, when "average" for me is about 40 days. So I was ok, when I kept bleeding after 4 or 5 days. But then yesterday, I started experiencing this intense pain. I was confused because I had not been bleeding very heavy. What in the world could this be?

I work steps from the ER, so I decided to go to work, tough it out, and go to the ER if it got worse. The girls in the office didn't seem too alarmed. They made me take a PG test. Of course, it was negative. Then they did a scan of my uterus. Of course, nothing there. I didn't see any dark black, like cysts, so I was a little relieved, but still in TONS of pain.

Eventually, it got a little better. Then went home for the day and BAM the largest blood clot I've ever seen. UGH. I'm ok with blood and guts, for the most part, but this was gross.

I don't know why I'm having this long horrible period, but in a way I'm grateful I got my period naturally. I'm pretty fed up with being baby-less. I'm ready to do whatever it takes. I'm actually considering injectables w/ IUI, but I'm afraid I may regret the expense. Does that sound horrible? Like how can you put a price on being a mother, but for me, we're just going through a lot of financial changes right now with DH going to TCU and putting myself through school. I don't know. I guess I need to think about it more.

Good news is that I'm doing a 3 hour Glucose Test tomorrow. If my insulin levels are high, they are going to put me on Metformin - YAY!!!!! Finally, I have hope again. I don't know if Met will allow me to O on my own, but it's possible! If anything, it may allow me to respond to Clomid.

May 18, 2010

The last 48 hours...

You know, I totally thought I had hit the ultimate maximum stress level last year when my company went downward and it seemed like every wall was caving in on us. Well... I've learned things can quickly change and I should always remember things CAN get worse.

On Saturday, after submitting our application on an apartment, we found out that they were unable to approve us, because "they do not accept felonies." I immediately stopped in my tracks (I was in the middle of JCPenneys, by the way.) and said "WHAT!?!? We don't have any felonies!!!" I was totally and absolutely bewildered. Apparently, DH had a THEFT charge on his criminal record!! OH MY GOD.

I could not concentrate on shopping. We left the store and the ride home was totally silent. We both jumped on the internet and tried to find out as much info as we could. Unfortunately, the city and the county were closed until Monday. By searching online, we found some information, but of course, nothing to answer our many many questions. If anything we had more questions now.

Who made this awful mistake? Will we need to hire a lawyer? Will this require a long trial to prove wrong? Should we hire a lawyer, before we even make one phone call? Who should we hire? And how will we pay for an attorney? Has someone been charged in this crime? If not, will they arrest DH if he goes personally down to the police station to get this cleared up? ......get my drift?

Needless to say, we had a horrible weekend.

DH spent most of his Monday trying to get to the bottom of this. Apparently, someone used his name, date of birth, most of his address, and drivers license number to get a job in a neighboring county. In a county we've never lived in and in a city we've never heard of! Then, this man stole from the company and because he had used DH's info to obtain the job, DH was charged for the crime! After many phone conversations and a 2 hour road trip to this town, he was able to get everything cleared up! The warrant was pulled and my Dear Husband is no longer a wanted felon. Could anything else go wrong? What's next?!?!

May 11, 2010


Finals are over!! I lived through my first college semester since "my voluntary leave" ...... um, 8 years ago or so! I'm very proud of myself for going back to college, taking it seriously and establishing goals. My official grades won't be posted until Friday, but I'm 100% positive that I got an A in Comp I - a 97 to be exact - toot toot!! In order to get an A in College Algebra I needed to make an A on the final. Eeeeck! So I won't know what that grade is until Friday. Ugh.

After learning Ultrasound Tech school was only taught during the daytime hours, I went with my Plan B, which is Radiology Tech, ... but then I learned the schedule is also during the day. UGH!! So I've decided to just go for my Bachelors Degree in Biology. You can't go wrong with having your bachelors and I can use the few college credits I obtained 8 years ago towards it! And I've heard from my colleagues you can *always* find a job in healthcare industry with a degree in Biology. Yay - SOLD!!

DH will be attending TCU in the fall, so we've been focusing on housing and where we'll be moving soon! With only one vehicle, it is absolutely necessary we live within walking/biking/busing distance. The search is not going well. We pay $600 in rent today for a 2/2 apartment. We know we got a good deal, but we wanted to find a rental home in the area for around $800-$950/month. We didn't realize how hard that was going to be. After stressing about it, we've finally decided we need to stay in an apartment and pay the least amount of money possible. When we had to move from our beautiful rental house and back into an apartment because we couldn't afford to pay the $1200 monthly payment, it was a huge wake up call for us. We didn't prepare for what could happen - the business under performing, unexpected financial expenses, etc. etc. We just wore the blindfold like it was trendy!

We WANT a house, but we NEED to pay off our debt! We know this, but we still continue to allow our "wants" to overwhelm our "needs". And if we rent a house and get the greatest gift of all (a BFP), then I don't want to be put in the exact situation we were in - can't afford the rent, move into a small apartment. I don't want that to happen.

So we're going to look at apartments on Friday and I'm actually pretty excited about it!