November 24, 2010

13 weeks (Thanksgiving Style)

I’m so thankful for…

- …making it to 13 weeks and being that much closer to the 2nd trimester.
- …the baby growing inside of me.
- …the IF journey DH and I endured for 3 years as it taught us many valuable traits that we will now carry into the next chapter in our lives.
- …my job (a.k.a my paycheck).
- …my Christmas Bonus I’m receiving on December 9th.
- …the opportunities my job has given me; to include being within arm’s reach of a fetal heart rate Doppler and ultrasound machine.
- …my boss who is by far the best boss I’ve ever worked for.
- …my friends and family who have supported us and held us up when we were down.
- …my blog readers who always make me smile and laugh.
- …Melissa with Prenate Essential who brought me a Nonfat White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks this morning. I heart her.
- …going through the 1st Trimester with no vomiting.
- …my in-laws who have already purchased our crib and changing table for us, and who are taking me shopping on Black Friday for maternity clothes. I love them so much.
- …my hubby who possesses a twinkle in his eye at the sight of anything reminding him of this baby, and who does so much for me around the house to include all of the laundry and washing the dishes. What would I do without him?
- …my two dogs who always know how to cuddle on my lap and make me smile. I can’t wait to introduce them to this baby.
- …all of the young moms around me who are wishing me the best and who are doing their best to prepare me for motherhood.
- …the maternity pants I broke down and purchased this week. They are so much more comfortable than the pre-pregnancy jeans I was trying so hard to squeeze into.
- …Mandy, my TTC buddy from TB, who always takes the time out of her busy day to write me a very long email. Hopefully we’ll be PG buddies very soon!!!
- …school. It has taught me how important my college education is.
- …all of the many things I have to be thankful for.

November 19, 2010

Uh oh...

So last night DH and I went out to dinner, did some shopping, and went grocery shopping. When we finally got home, I...correction... my uterus was aching so bad. I immediately jumped in bed and felt relief.

Then, this morning I noticed my belly looked bigger. Was it the fat filled dinner I ate last night or did all of that walking make my ute drop and stick out more?!?! I don't know.

Then, at work, I'm wearing probably my biggest most comfortable pair of scrub pants... I'm so uncomfortable! My belly is bulging out! I hope I'm retaining water or something. I'm not ready to be too big for my clothes right now. I'm only 12.5 weeks!! I'm going to gain 5 to 10 pounds next week, I just know it! And I'm going to be so miserable!

November 16, 2010

12 weeks

Some would consider today THE DAY...the safe zone. Some wait until this week is over and some wait even after that! I've decided to wait until Thanksgiving to change my mental note from "1st Trimester" to "2nd Trimester". If I make it to Thanksgiving, I'll have a lot to be thankful for! But, I did congratulate myself this morning for 3 months! I feel great to have made it this far.

I have been taking belly shots and I do think the belly is starting to stick out more! I'll post pics soon, I promise!

C, my good friend and coworker, did find the heartbeat on the doppler today! We tried at 11 weeks and couldn't find it. After today, I realized we may have been searching to high, because we found it very very low near my pubic bone. It was 166 BPM! So happy! I texted it to DH, but I think he's still in class. I can't wait to hear his response! He loves to "hear" news from the baby!

Symptoms are, for the most part, gone! My huge boobies are here to stay I'm sure. I've had a pesky headache for the past 3 days. Last night it was on the verge of migraine. I almost took Tylenol today, but luckily, it went away for the most part! I'm holding off on taking any meds unless I absolutely have to.

November 9, 2010

11 weeks

Instead of journaling today, I wanted to just ramble about how I'm feeling at this moment. I'm still incredibly grateful for making it this far. I'm also grateful for the easiness of this pregnancy so far! I battled nausea for 2-3 weeks and real bad indigestion for a few days, but other than that I've been fine! No vomiting, no scary cramping, and even my boob soreness is easing up.

The best moment this past week was actually two separate events. One, I talked with my mom via telephone this week and I actually learned that she wasn't sick at all with any of her pregnancies (4 total). I never knew! And she also craved chicken fried steak with her first pregnancy! So funny, because I've been craving that too!! And second, my husband's response and look on his face when he realized I had a baby bump! I actually call it my "night bump". I've noticed (because I've been taking belly pics) that in the morning I have a little bump, but at night, I have a baby bump!! I pulled up my shirt one night, sucked in my fat, and the response I received from DH was priceless!! I'll never forget the laugh we shared!

I'm really starting to stress about maternity clothes and scrubs for work. I'm at that point where I probably need to start buying some clothes and scrub pants. I may be able to hold off on the scrub pants for a couple/few more weeks, but they are getting tighter!

And lastly, I constantly stare at my baby's most recent u/s pic! I love it! I've stared at it so much that DH and I think it's a boy only because it looks like he's kicking a soccer ball! Or maybe a girl and a dancer like mommy was! :D Who knows?!?!

November 4, 2010

Our first "official" u/s

My OB doctor checked up on the baby today! The baby has gotten so much bigger and it's heart was beating as fast as ever! It was a beautiful sight! The baby moved a little bit, just one hand and a foot, but it was fantastic to see! DH said he almost cried when he saw the movement.

Baby is measuring 9w4d, but after I expressed how surprised I was he said there's a margin of error of 1-2 weeks and it's just an estimate. I know when I O'd so for now we're sticking with our current dates, but we'll keep an open mind. For all we know, this baby may have been a late implanter, and we'll have a June baby instead!!

Other than that, everything is good!! I'm feeling much better lately. I think I'll get back to my workouts next week.

November 2, 2010

Double Digits!! 10 weeks!

How far along: 10 weeks

Symptoms: Sore boobs, blah no energy feeling, indigestion

Total weight gain: 1.5 lbs

Maternity clothes: I put on my Miss Mes this week and, boy, were they uncomfortable. I may be on the verge of breaking out the belly band.

Sleep: Sleep has been horrible lately. I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. So annoying! I don't mind getting up to going pee, but I used to be able to get back in bed and fall right back to sleep - no more!

Best moment this week: Surprise u/s by my boss! We took a quick peek via abdominal u/s, saw a growing baby, and quick heartbeat! I was relieved to see our baby as we had not seen s/he since 7 weeks.

Food cravings: Corndogs, biscuits and gravy

What I miss: Having energy. Working out at the gym.

What I am looking forward to: U/s on Thursday w/ DH!!

Milestones: Double digits and a quarter of the way there!! So grateful to have made it this far!

How is daddy? Still busy with school. He has started to touch my belly and I think it’s so cute even though it’s all FAT!

How are the grandparents? Still as happy as ever! My dad called me yesterday to check on “the baby”! So cute!