August 31, 2010

Officially, overwhelmed.

Back to school time always stresses me out. I’m reminded every day that it’s so expensive to go to college and in my household, there are TWO adults attending college. We had to buy DH a bike this weekend, so he can get to and from school during the week. That was $100 spent. Our textbooks were about $800 combined. School clothes for DH... school supplies... ugh. All while paying $650 a month to TCU for DH’s tuition – our OOP portion, not to mention the debt we’re going into from his student loans! Yes, I’m complaining, but I’m reminded that we’re doing this all for good reasons. Someday I’ll be sitting at the spa blowing hundreds of dollars, thinking about how much we sacrificed, and I’ll be proud. So for now, I just need to suck it up!!

Fall semester officially started yesterday. I have 3 classes this semester. I’m hoping I can handle 3 classes and, if so, I’ll continue to take 3 per semester. That’s the plan and we’re sticking to it! If and when I get PG we’ll reconstruct the plan for post-baby!

CD11 for me. Waiting to O, still. Temps look ok. This morning's temp was way low. I was colder than usual, so I guess I'll wait to see what tomorrow brings. I am having dull pains around my ovaries, so that’s good news, I hope! The Femara when down easy. I had a couple of headaches in the evenings, but other than that, nothing. Just waiting... Story of my life....

August 23, 2010

Achieving a goal

Today was the first day of school for DH. It was his first day at Texas Christian University!! Wow. I’ve become to realize how great the man I married is; however, two years ago today I didn’t have any clue I’d be writing these words. DH set a goal to transfer to a university after 2 years at the county college and he achieved his goal today. DH amazes me with his accomplishments, and I hope I’m able to do the same for him in the future!

One thing that sure did put a damper on our joy for this day was the bus situation. We are a one car household and moving to our new apartment meant he would need to bike to the nearest bus stop and catch the city bus to the university. Before we considered our apartment complex, I specifically reviewed the bus system’s website and transit maps. I distinctly remember seeing a route that connects the street we live on to the street that goes towards the university. Well.... as of yesterday, I must have dreamt that because there is no such route. I was so aggravated with myself! We moved to this apt for one reason – the location in relation to the university …and the price of course! Well, this means we’ll be moving again in a year! HAH! We move every 12 – 18 months, so this should be no surprise!! And deep down I still want a house!

August 21, 2010


AF arrived today and I'm ready to jump back on the roller coaster! I was so excited to see AF, I woke up DH from a nap!! He smiled really big and gave me a big kiss! Hehehe!

I can't believe AF arrived only 3 days after stopping the BC. Usually with Provera, it takes 6-7 days for AF to arrive! And when I was on BCP years ago, AF would arrive after 7 days of stopping the last hormone pill. I wonder what that means - that AF arrived so soon?

This cycle - Femara CD 3-7! No monitoring. :( Crossing my fingers!

I found this article this week and it gave DH and I a lot of new hope! It reads like it speaks directly to us and my PCOS.

August 18, 2010

CD 99

I haven’t had a cycle this long in over 2 years. Scary.

I did have a NuvaRing, so I inserted it a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping to “reset” my cycle and get AF to arrive. DH and I have gone back and forth with our decision to “actively” TTC or to “naturally” TTC. As of late, we’ve sat closer to the “actively”. We’ll try Femara with our next cycle. I’m hoping Metformin and Femara is my miracle combination. I’m hoping to O and to be given “my chance” to conceive.

We’ll see.

I’ve kept up with my work outs. Still working on the eating part. Dinner gets me every time. Especially when DH and I go out to dinner. With school starting next week I’m hoping the “going out” to dinner becomes impossible and I’m forced to eat at home.

August 12, 2010


I haven’t been in much of a mood to blog lately. Maybe it’s because there’s really not much going on. I think this is the calm before the storm as school starts for DH in a couple of weeks and for me in 3 weeks. We’re trying to enjoy our free time as much as we can, but we’re both a little fearful about what’s about to hit us.
This will be DH’s first semester at a University and I don’t know about him, but I fear the unknown for him. Is it going to be a lot harder for him? Will he be able to adjust quickly to that way of life?

I’m taking 3 classes this fall and I’m fearful for that too. I don’t think I’ve ever taken 3 college courses at one time in my entire life. And one of them is a science, so I have lecture and lab. Ugh. I’m doing this for all the right reasons, right?!
I’m still waiting for AF to arrive. So there’s not much going on there.

I’ve gotten back to the gym! I actually got a membership at the hospital where I work. $25 a month – you can’t beat that! One of my coworkers is planning on getting married in a year so she’s super motivated to lose weight. We’ve been hitting the gym together on our lunch breaks! Hopefully I can drop some pounds soon!

I’m still trying to eat well, but unfortunately, I haven’t found any self-discipline.