September 30, 2009

Desperation to blog... NOW.

OMG! I totally feel like I'm inside someone else's body. Like my brain doesn't belong to me.... I'm actually going to register to take a class (or two).... at a COLLEGE!! What happened to me? Really. Someone should keep an eye on me... this is just NOT me!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-college education. I've just never been a bookworm. I cannot follow a strict class schedule, stay attentive in class, complete homework, study AND make good grades on tests/assignments. I tried it once and well I don't have a college degree hanging in my home office to show for it.

My father did not attend college. He worked his way up the corporate latter from his first job as a 16 year old! My mom is an RN with only an associates. None of my sisters are college graduates, so as you can tell, it's not in our blood. I've always been ambitious. Heck, I started my own business (100% on my own!) 3 years ago. It's graphic design related and my clients FLIP when they learn I am degree-less. :)

I started thinking about taking some college classes when I found the quantity of available personal time increase tremendously. I went from 8 - 9 hr days to 2 - 3 hr days. When I saw DH's eye sparkle due to this interest I figured "Eh. What could it hurt, right?" When he got all giddy, like a kid in the candy store, I was convinced.

So I've applied to the local county college where DH attends. I'll be starting my night job soon, so I'll need to take online courses for now. I ordered a transcript from my previous college and my next math course is Calculus! HAH! I think I'll start with College Algebra! Oh, how I used to be such the math wiz... no more.

The BIG question is - If I continue, what will I study? I could continue my "knowledge" in graphic design; however, I've always always been very medically minded. I think my passion would be in Healthcare and my hobby (or a potential minor) could be in computer aided design, etc.

I'm leaning towards an Associate in Applied Science and becoming certified in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I'd really love to obtain my bachelor's degree, so I'm open to continuing after the associates.

We'll see what happens...

September 24, 2009

Visit #2

According to my study paperwork, tomorrow's visit to my RE will be Visit #2.

They will take urine for a PG test (to confirm a BFN) and they will give me 5 tablets (assuming Provera) to take for 5 days. Usually, I would be rx'd 10 tablets (taking 2 each day); however, this time it's only one tablet, so this should be very interesting whether AF shows or not. If AF doesn't show after 10 days, I'll still be able to start the study.

Visit #3 will be on CD3!

In other news, I haven't started my new job yet. I had to do a preemployment drug screen on Monday, so I'm waiting on those results to hear an official start date. Hopefully it's very soon. I'm going nuts with all of the spare time on my hands!

September 16, 2009


Just a few random things...

Subject: TTC
Of course, I have not O'd. I'm not surprised. 10 more days till my next drs appointment. If AF doesn't arrive on her own, they'll probably be rx Provera and then I'll get to start the study! Wahoo! I'm just ready for it to be here already!

Subject: J-O-B
I got (another) J-O-B! Times are tough and I've got to sacrifice some of my spare time, sooooo I've found another job! It will be 40 hours a week; however, I'll have plenty of free time to handle work pertaining to my company! Yes, I know, it's a dream job! :) More to come soon...

Subject: Funeral
I attended a funeral for a friend of mine. It wasn't a very formal funeral. As I sealed his coffin with tape, I didn't allow myself to say a sad goodbye. Actually, I was a little happy inside.

His name was BB Storm. He lived a very short life of ... eh ... 9 months. Yeah, he was not too good to me. His purpose in life was to aid me in communicating. When I was unable to make/answer phone calls, type/send text messages, and well, unable to use it at all, I called his parents and told them I was cancelling the contract, going to AT&T and getting me a brand new ifriend! His parents didn't like that at all, so they sent me a new BB Curve. It's pink and well, I LOVE her... so far!

Subject: Dean's List
DH made the Dean's List at school!! I'm soooooooooooo proud of him!

Subject: Money
Ok, so you know I'm addicted to couponing now? Well, I've gotten deeper and deeper into this addiction!

So I shop at Kroger for groceries. I've always had the Kroger Card. It's free and saves you money on a few things in the store. But a couple of weeks ago I found that I can preload more coupons on my Kroger card! Then when I go to the store, use my Kroger card, I'll automatically get the additional savings at the register. It's amazing! The best part is that if I have a manufacturer coupon for say $.39 off, and I have a preloaded coupon for $.50, not only will Kroger TRIPLE my $.39 coupon, they will also allow me to use my preloaded coupon for .$50 for a total savings of $1.67! So I'm thinking... Whoa! This could be good.

Here are my grocery totals for my last two shopping trips:
Subtotal $143.07
Coupons -$24.02
Kroger Plus Card -$13.08
PAID $105.97 - Saved $37.10 (26%)

Subtotal $138.09
Coupons -$15.85
Kroger Plus Card -$23.35
PAID $98.89 - Saved $39.20 (28%)

September 9, 2009

Still wishing and hoping

Despite how close we are to starting this clinical trial, I'm still holding onto to hope that just maybe someday I'll O on my own!

I haven't been religiously charting. I've been temping every few days or so. I'm on CD16 with no EWCM or O pains; however, my temps are looking great! I've got a perfect slope downward! Now I'm just wishing and hoping that my temp spikes up! It would be a miracle, really!

September 3, 2009

Everything's open for business

I got a text message this morning from DH that asked "So everything's open for business?" I laughed out loud!

Yes, that is correct, everything is very OPEN for business!! Now all we need are products for the shelves (eggs)! :)

HSG was a success. My tubes are open and everything looked great! I'm so relieved. I was a little afraid of the pain associated with the procedure, but I was a champ!

It took about 3-4 minutes. My doctor explained every step and, really, I didn't feel much at all! It was like a really really long pap smear!

I'll be able to start the study in about 3 weeks! I'm excited!