November 17, 2008

Who is she?

I’ll call her T for sake of privacy, even though you can see her picture – hah!

The reason we were separated years ago doesn’t matter and will not be acknowledged here in my blog. We didn’t ignore it, we both agreed it was a mistake and shouldn’t have happened. Now we pick up where we left off and move on.

T was my friend. T was my bestfriend. T became my sister. Even though we both had sisters (blood related), this was different. We could tell each other everything. There was no walking on eggshells with each other. We told it how it was and we supported each other. We would stay up late, sometimes till 2 or 3 am, and just talk. Sometimes we would cry, but no matter what, we always listened to each other.

T taught me the most important and most valuable pieces of my marriage – communication. She witnessed numerous days and nights of fighting between my then, fiancé and I. She would tell me time and time again. “You both need to learn how to communicate to each other.” and “You need to compromise.” It was those words that I have allowed my husband and I have such a successful marriage to this day.

T’s marriage failed soon after we lost touch. J and I saw the early stages of it falling apart. To date T has found another man and she tells me she is so happy – and I believe her! She’s getting married in 2009!

She put so much into my future marriage and now all of it is coming back into her’s (the quote).

T was really upset when we spoke on the telephone. She was looking at our wedding pictures online and a few recent pictures as well. She was upset that she wasn’t there for us. (She was supposed to be my Matron of Honor.) She said she should have been there. I told her it was ok. If I had to choose whether she was at my wedding or with me through this horrible time dealing with infertility, I’d chose NOW.

I want to travel back home to visit her and give her the biggest hug ever, but J’s school and my work make it very hard to make a trip right now. So we’re planning on making it down for New Years. A new year to start a new family, a new friendship, and a new marriage!

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  1. Thats a beautiful story of forgiveness. Im glad you and your friend were able to re-connect and move passed your past. Its never to late to try a friendship again. Enjoy the time you spend with her on New Years!