November 24, 2008

I'm in denial.

I refuse to believe I ovulated. I’ve been charting since December of 2007 and never seen a clear temperature shift. I keep telling myself not to get my hopes up. There’s no sign of AF, so I’m preparing myself for many many more temps in this range and a BFN. Maybe with the cold weather we’ve been getting, my temps are just high for some reason. I’m in denial.
My chart which reflects 9dpo (9 days post ovulation): I must start to prepare for a new cycle though. IF AF arrives I’m actually hoping for a long, heavy, miserable cycle. My uterus hasn’t shed it’s lining in a very very long time, probably over 9 months or so. It must do so to support a viable pregnancy. My friend was complaining to me the other day because she had to go to the grocery store to buy tampons. Do you know how much I WANT to do that!?!? Strange, huh?

Then there’s the question of whether or not we will try Clomid to induce ovulation. I’m aware that I do not ovulate on my own. Unless my body has decided that it will continue to work properly in all future cycles, I’ll probably need assistance to ovulate in the future. I have a Rx (prescription) for Clomid, but I’m uneasy about taking it. Then again, I don’t want to find myself within another 100+ day cycle. I would feel trapped.

Another alternative is the herbal equivalent of Clomid, Soy Isoflavones. I'll probably try it before jumping to any prescription meds. I rescheduled my doctor's appointment till after the new year, so if I do have another long cycle I'll be able to go in and get that rectified in January. Crossing my fingers...

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  1. I dont know, it kinda looks like you O'd! It will be interesting to see if your period (or heck, a BFP) result from this!

    Im a Clomid "graduate" (I think I told you this before in another reply) and for me, it worked great in getting me to ovulate. When I took it, though, I wasnt aware of some of the natural things you can try for ovulation (vitex, accupuncture, etc) I really think that if you are monitored on it, Clomid is beneficial to get you ovulating, especially if its something you struggle with.

    Good luck! :)