November 11, 2008

It's so hard to tell people we're trying...

Telling people is so hard. Why is it so hard? Maybe because it seems like we’re the only ones who still haven’t become pregnant. It seems that way because everyday when I’m at work I see PG women all around bringing in their crib bedding to match the colors for paint. Or PG women, big and “so cute baby bump” small come through my line. It seems like everyone around me is experiencing pregnancy except me. I actually looked at a small child today (probably 12 – 18 months old) and had a pain in my stomach while thinking “I want that.” It was literally painful to feel the lump in my abdomen.

We haven’t told too many people we’re trying to try. Only our closest friends and a few others who we trust with the news. I’ve shared my blog with the ladies who are experiencing the same pains on my favorite online forum.

I’m terrified to share our troubles with my MIL (mother in law). She wants a grand baby so incredibly bad. I’m afraid if I shared this news with her she’d feel the same pain in her gut as I do, maybe 10 times worse.

Someday everyone will know and hopefully then I’ll be ready for the rush of questions.

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  1. I feel like I could have written your post myself. Im sorry for your fears of sharing your journey and the pain (sometimes literal) that you feel when you think about wanting to be pregnant, I can completely understand.

    I can tell you that I recently opened up to some friends and family about our journey and it was the most freeing experience in the world. I felt like I didnt have to bear the burden alone. And I felt like I didnt have to pretend to be happy when AF came and another cycle was a bust, because I could now let people around me know how I feel. So thats just my experience :)