November 14, 2008

CD 111.....that can’t be good.

I actually temped this morning. It was at my normal range, no surprise. When I inputted my temp into my chart, I saw that today is CD 111. That just can’t be a good thing. It makes me want to cuss out load.

I did more reading last night about Vitamin B6. It helps lengthen the (LP) luteal phase, helps with PMS, and lastly and most importantly for me, to normalize hormone levels. Since I do not O I know nothing about my LP. But taking it can’t hurt anything (I hope!). I also read that it should be taken with a B-complex as well for better absorption.

So I went out and bought my first two bottles of each. Spent a total of $16 and that will last me 200 days. That’s only 8 cents a day! Wahoo!!! They were tiny tablets or at least smaller than the Vitex and PNV (Prenatal Vitamins) I’ve been taking. I decided to continue to take the Vitex but reduced it back down to 800 mg.

I’m undecided about going to the doctor in December, for many reasons (new health insurance brings preexisting conditions, money for the holidays, stress on top of more stress, etc. etc.). I’m feeling like the New Year will be a new start. It’s only a little over 6 weeks away.....but will I be able to wait that long?

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  1. Is that Cycle Day 111? I've been there girl! I went almost two years w/o a cycle once, stupid hormones! Hope the B's can give you an added boost. And don't forget to cut out sugar - it's horrible for you hormones. :-)

    Best of luck!