November 13, 2008

Which concoction do I try next?

I hate to think of my attempts as “concoctions”. Makes me feel like a witch! I’ve been on the Vitex for a little over 3 months. I’ve started feeling what I think are O pains, but I’m not entirely too sure.

I’ve done some reading about vitamin B6. It can also regulate your hormones and assists/lengthens the LP (luteal phase). Many women take Vitex and B6 together, so here I am wondering if the Vitex alone is ever gonna work for me. Sometimes it can take up to 6 months to work, but I’m being very impatient at only 3 months. Should I try the B6 with the Vitex for the next 3 months and see what happens?

Or what if I happen to get AF and a new cycle starts? Will I give Clomid a try? If so, I’ll need to stop the Vitex because they are not recommended to be taken together. AND do I need to stop the Vitex early to allow it to get out of my system. Ugh, so many decisions to make.
I’ve totally been slacking on the temping in the mornings. I just feel like it’s pointless, because I’m not O’ing. And if I do O, from what I read, it would be an overly matured egg (bad egg for conception). I wish AF would just hurry it up.

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  1. I know what you mean about "concotions" I have those, too.

    I never took Vitex although I considered it. I did take the B6 and after 3 months, it extended my LP from 8-12 days. My LP is currently at 13-14 days, even without the LP. Also, I am a former Clomid girl, I took it for 3 cycles after many cycles of no ovulation or weak ovulation. After the 3 cycles, it "kicked" my body into gear (atleast from the ovulation end) and I have O'd 9 cycles on my own. So maybe thats all you need? Good luck!