November 8, 2008

Running a 10K

Within our TTC efforts we’ve vowed to become healthy and live a healthy lifestyle! This means I must lose the extra weight! I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m ready to lose 20 more and hopefully a little more before becoming PG!

My husband, J, used to run in Austin’s Capitol 10,000 every year. To this day, I always wonder why he stopped running in it when we started dating. He talks about running in it all of the time, so finally I put my foot down and said “We are running the 10K in March 2009!” ...... So we’ve started to train!!

To date we have walked/run 25.7 miles! We are currently walk/running 3.7 miles each day! J says we should start running 5Ks, but I don’t think I’m 100% ready for that. We’ve only been training for one week and I’ve never been a good runner. I was a dancer in high school and it was highly discouraged to run! It was bad on our joints and lengthening our muscles. I can barely run a quarter of a mile before I need to stop and walk – being 185 pounds doesn’t help either!

So here we are training for a 10K! I’m trying not to let TTC rule my life. I’d like to be PG by March 2009, but I’m going to train for this 10K like I won’t be PG by then, in turn, I’ll become more healthy. So it’s a win win situation, I suppose!

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  1. I wanted to thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it and have added you to my blogroll :)

    Im so proud of you for training to run a 10k, thats a great thing to work towards. And getting in shape can only help on the TTC front, so thats good, too!