February 6, 2009

Still waiting to O

I know this feeling all too well. It's comforting though to have a previous cycle to refer back to. I had O pains for 5 days prior to O last cycle. With this cycle today is day 5 of O pains, so I'm hoping I O very soon! My cervix is soft and high today, but pretty much closed, in my opinion.

OPK practice has been just that - practice. I'm trying to test at the same times everyday, but I'm also trying to test at different times to see what works for me. I think I've found that 4:30 pm is a good time for me. I got my darkest OPKs on CD12 at 4:30 pm and today at the same time. Since then they've lightened up, but I think they're getting a little darker.

My ovaries have been burning lately. About 75% of the time it's my left Ovary, the Ovary that released my last cycle's egg. This cycle I was hoping my right Ovary would pull it's weight and help out.

I wasn't monitored this cycle, because I got my first medical bill - $285!! And that was only for one of my visits! My doctor's office is going to refile the claim with a different diagnosis and see if the insurance will pay it. The dummies put "Female Infertility" on the claim, so of course, my crappy insurance denied it! If they do pay it, I'll resume monitoring with our next cycle, if necessary (positive thoughts).

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  1. Its so frustrating to wait to O, I hope it happens soon!