February 27, 2009

Go On Vacation = Spend Large Amount of Money

When I think of spending large amounts of money, I meticulously evaluate the whole situation as it relates to the way I live my life. I will analyze every detail in order to convince myself spending the large amount of money is a necessity, not a convenience or a want.

Vacation is not a necessity. It’s a convenience, in my opinion. Some people may think it’s a necessity for their sanity, but honestly, they are probably the ones who are able to have an extra $5K or more sitting in their savings at all times dedicated to “Traveling”. Should I live that way one day, an annual vacation with my husband and/or family will be a necessity, for my sanity’s sake and for my families’ broadening of the world’s beauty.

Right now in our lives, J is finishing up his first year of college and already needs a vacation! We haven’t taken a true vacation in nearly 4 years, which was our honeymoon to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta. It was the most magical 10 days ever! We had planned to return on our 5 year anniversary. Well, the travel bug has nipped my husband in the rear, and he wants to go back THIS year!

I would love to go back to Canada, really, I would! But how can I justify spending $1500 (that’s the limit I’ve given this trip) this year? $1500 may not sound like a lot to many of you in terms of vacations, but to me that’s $1500 that could be going towards our debt, a down payment on a second vehicle (someday, not anytime too soon), a baby’s nursery, not to mention to go towards medical bills we’ve accrued while trying to conceive and/or medical bills for a future child birth! What is he thinking?!

And then, I gave in. Maybe a vacation would be good for me. I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress lately, or maybe that’s the evil A on my left shoulder telling me these lies. Maybe I’m making it up in my head. I really don’t know.

J and I have a date tonight at our favorite restaurant and we’re going talk about it in depth.........
p.s. going on a vacation also means I’ll have to buy a camera (in order to take beautiful pictures like you'll see below), which means......... more money.


  1. I nominated you for a blog award!


  2. Alberta looks absolutely beautiful!

    IMO- a vacation is a necessity but it doesnt have to cost alot of money. Dan and I like to take alot of little trips and we always search FOREVER to fing a cheap (but nice) hotel, I pack alot of food for us so that we dont have to buy breakfast and lunch, just dinner and so on.

    So I think you guys should plan something but try to think of creative ways to keep it less expensive. $1500 is alot to me, too and I could see where you'd feel bad about spending it on the trip and not the other stuff you need to spend it on.

    Im excited to hear about what you decide!

  3. $1500 is a lot of money but I like to look at it this way, you guys haven't had a vacation in a while and most likely won't for a while...so why not.

    And let the ugly economy work for you.You may be able to find cheaper flights & hotel packages for less than you think.

    Plus, I honestly think relaxing and de-stressing is easier for the baby making!! :)

    I'm excited to know what ya'll do!