February 16, 2009

I will NOT return to Austin, TX, ever!

Why is it that every time I go back home, I lose something very expensive? Last time when we visited was back in early December, I lost my cell phone. This weekend I lost my $400+ camera! Yup, someone has a very nice camera right now, WITH fully charged rechargeable batteries in it, WITH tons of really pretty pictures! UGH! Why me??

I was totally bummed, but it's my own damn fault. It was too big for my purse, so I carried it around in my hand, which totally sucked. It was cold, so occasionally, I wanted to put my hands in my pockets. I put it down on a window ledge and left it there.

I love my camera. We bought it before we got married in 2005. It took awesome pictures, but I do have to say, my number one complaint was the size of it. Now days they have these really great cameras about the size of a Jello box.

I'm ok with parting ways with my "big" bulky camera, because now I have an excuse to buy one that is smaller, but it still sucks. I'll probably put off buying a new one until we get PG. I can borrow my sister's if we need one for any reason.

Do they have digital cameras that is a video camera too? That would be totally cool!

And of course, on the TTC-front, no new news. I'm on CD24 and temps are still low. I've given up on OPKs, checking my CM and CP, so I called my doc today to request a prescription for Provera, but they are closed today, bummer. I'll call tomorrow, I suppose.

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  1. Oh man - that bites! I've done that before but with less expensive things, lol.

    But hey, look on the bright side, you'll get a new slimer camera soon. Try Circuit City, we just bought one for 40% off.