February 18, 2009

Provera #2 & My New Goal

I'm on CD26 today and still no O. I've waited long enough, so I've started Provera to induce AF and start a new cycle. This will be my 2nd time taking Provera. It worked like a charm the first time, so I'm pretty positive about this second round. Hopefully, AF will arrive sooner than later.

And I've set a new goal for myself. I want to lose my current belly so that I can grow a new one! I've lost about 25 pounds since weighing my heaviest. People notice (including my Dad this weekend, which was super sweet) but I still have more to go! I want to get PG and be able to grow a little baby belly, like most women who are not overweight who are "all belly". If I were to get PG soon, I'd probably look like I was just getting fatter! If I took a picture of my belly now it would probably look like I was 10 weeks or so - seriously!

I look at it this way: I have probably a week and a half before AF arrives. Then next cycle is another 4 weeks, so in total I have 5 and half weeks to workout and lose as much weight as I can! And if our next cycle is a BFN, that's ok, because I'll have a little more time to achieve my goal!

DH is at his heaviest right now, so we're both going to start following Weight Watchers and counting points. This is going to be fun!

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  1. Good luck with Provera!

    And I love that you and DH are going to work on losing weight together. I love WW, their cookbooks are great!