December 9, 2008

J is studying for finals AND fighting the enemies

After 3 years of marriage you’d think “firsts” are rare, but recently I got to know my husband a little better and discovered something “new” about him.

My dh (dear husband) has been home the past two days studying for finals. He also got a new Xbox 360 game, so he’s been fighting the enemies for occasional mind breaks.

I recently learned I’m married to a genius. Now granted, this is his first college semester, but still.... He’s not the schooling type or so I THOUGHT! Now I must brag.... In order to make an A in his Math class, he needs a 60 on his final. In Pysch, he doesn’t even have to show up for the final, because his other test grades where good enough to “test out” of the final. There’s a 95% chance he’ll get A’s in all of this classes on his first semester of college. I’m so incredibly proud of him!

Being a wife and supporter to a full time college student AND keeping our abode afloat is extremely stressful, but he makes it so easy. Here’s to my husband, the genius!!
On another note, I have been experiencing really really bad pains in my left abdomen, ovary area, today. I’m really freaking out that I may have a cyst. I called my new doctors office and asked if I could be seen before January 12th and they are going to let me see the Nurse Practioner on Thursday at 9:30 am!!! Wahoo! I love this office already! Wish me luck!

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