December 11, 2008

My doctors appointment

I went to a new office today and was able to see the NP (nurse practitioner). They were able to squeeze me in last minute.

Overall, I was very impressed with the office and the NP. The visit wasn't rushed at all and she actually asked me many questions about how I wanted to go about TTC. She was thoughtful of my feelings and preferences. My last doctor was not! She prescribed me 5 days of Provera which I'm so happy about since I've taken Prometrium twice with failed results. She also scheduled for me to come back and have a sonogram on Tuesday. She gave me SA (semen analysis) information to complete if and whenever we wanted to get a SA.

Hopefully, I will start a new cycle and can begin taking Clomid. She offered to assist our Clomid cycle(s) by monitoring by sonogram how many follicles I was producing. She would then give me a HCG trigger shot to induce ovulation. Then on CD20/21 she would check my progesterone levels. We still haven't decided if we'd like this much assistance, but at the very least we'll try the Clomid.

She also ordered b/w (blood work), which I was able to complete in the office! Now we wait for a confirmation of a negative pregnancy test and the results of the b/w.

I was so thrilled to finally find a good office in town (well, about 30 miles away!) where all b/w and ultrasounds are done in office! Now I hope I love the OB as much as the office and the NP!


  1. Sounds like you found a good doctor, I hope the Provera works for you and that you can move onto the Clomid cycle. I had the full monitoring on Clomid and I do suggest it- you can get good info on how many follies (and possible overstimulation) and then thining of the lining, which can prevent implantation on the current or future cycles.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow, your Drs. office sounds wonderful! Good Luck!