October 8, 2009

Officially a Guinea Pig

AF arrived on Tuesday, so today (CD3) was Study Start day! I went in to take a urine PG test to confirm BFN and to also have a vaginal US. I was feeling very positive this morning and looking forward to having this chance to possibly get my body to O. My positive attitude quickly turned into fear and disappointment when the RN told me I had a 2.5cm cyst.

I'll be the first to say, my gut tells me not to believe her. I know, what do I know?! But I've been looking at ultrasounds long enough (haha, about a year) to know follicles and small cysts look EXACTLY alike. How in the world do you tell the difference? How do I know this just isn't a follicle "leftover" from my previous cycle?

The good news is my RE and her RN weren't alarmed and allowed me to begin the study. I was revealed. I just wanted a chance.

So tonight I'll start the Clomid (possibly placebo). My next visit is in a week, at which they'll do another US. I'm hoping this cyst is just a leftover follicle, but only time will tell...

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  1. Im glad they let you start the cycle and hope that the "maybe-cyst" doesn't cause any problems. Im excited for you with this cycle!