October 9, 2009

Details about my torture

I haven't shared much about the research study I'm participating in, and I have a very good reason why. One of my fellow cysters (PCOS'er) who participated in the study shared a little too much on one of our favorite forums, including photos of her drug and well, she was reprimanded by her RE office and the RE personally, no bueno. So I'll be choosy with my words, but I did want to share some information about my torture.

So here we go... I'm required to wear "a device" that emits the drug every 90 minutes. My device must be worn on one of my arms or on my belly. I am also taking Clomid CD 3-7. The reality of this study is that I could have placebos for the device, the clomid, or both. My device must be changed every 12 hours.

I was a little worried about wearing the device last night. Initially, I placed it on my left arm; however, when my device required changing in the evening I thought long and hard about where to put it. I typically sleep on my back or on my side with my arm under my pillow. I knew the device would be in the way. I ended up placing it right under my belly button and it worked perfectly!

When the drug is emitted every hour and half, I can definitely feel it. It catches me off guard, but I can usually continue with what I'm doing at the time. It feels like a very mild sting or burn. If I'm not walking or moving much I can feel it pulse. It's a little strange, but I'm getting used to it, I suppose.

If you have any specific questions about the study, I would be more than happy to answer them for you via email. This study is for women who have PCOS and are TTC. Please understand that if I'm not familiar with you or your blog, I probably won't reply, sorry. I need to protect myself as a study stubject. rightalignedmind at gmail dot com

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