October 19, 2009

CD 14 Appointment

It didn't go very well today. Not much change from CD10, so I'm bummed, but in a weird way, I think I'm finally getting used to this. My body does NOT ovulate, so why I should I expect any different? I wasn't that disappointed. I wasn't surprised.

The follicles that were about 7-8mm on CD10 were about 8-9mm today. The large questionable cyst/follicle was larger on today's scan; however, it's still only 15mm or so. Even if it is a follicle, it's not large enough.

And to top it off, my lining is still very thin. It is not thickening up like it's supposed to be. Today it was about 3-4mm.

CD17 is my last chance... until then....

1 comment:

  1. Aw - I'm sorry.

    Hoping for better chances on CD17.