October 22, 2009

2 ovaries = 2 failures

CD17 u/s revealed little change, if any at all. None of it is even worth mentioning. I'm required to wear the device for one more week. Now I realize I could O later in my cycle; however, given my history, to say/think that would be laughable!

So here I am, thinking... what's next? We have options, which I'm grateful for...

Option 1 - As part of the study, they provide you with one cycle's worth of 100 mg Clomid if you do not get a BFP. We could take the Clomid and just see what happens. The only bad thing with this option is it would be an unmonitored cycle.

Option 2 - Meet with our RE and see what he/she recommends in regards to treatment. This was originally our intention; however, we went straight into the clinical trial.

Option 3 - Get SERIOUS and lose about 20 - 30 lbs. It's been proven that weight loss can help PCOS'ers a great deal. Does this mean it could mean ovulation restoration, probably not (or at least I'm not going to get my hopes up), but it's worth a try, right?

After this study cycle, at the very least, I'll set up a phone appointment with my RE. I have a few questions about how he/she thinks Femara may work for me and, if I were to choose Option 3, should I take Metformin??

1 comment:

  1. Gosh, so many options! All good but which one.

    Option 1 sounds good but an unmonitored cycle?

    Option 2 sounds GREAT and I'm also trying to do Option 3, lose weight! It's hard!

    Good luck - let us know what happens!