August 8, 2009

Giving half my blood content on Monday & Tuesday!!

My blood work package came from Chicago this week! It was filled with tons of paperwork and hundreds of collection tubes!! Ok, not hundreds, but geez, do I really have to fill all of those up with blood?

I don't think so. The paper work says 90 ml will be taken. That's about 6 tablespoons, I think... ::running off to the online converter:: .... yup, 6 tablespoons! I suppose that doesn't seem that bad. The arrival of these tubes, though, made my eyes water.

So I'll need to fast Sunday night and wake up Monday morning to go get my blood sucked out of me! Then the lab will send all of it off to Chicago where they'll do all of the necessary testing. The Study Coordinator (let's call her L) said that best case scenario, I'd hear something back in 2 weeks; however, realistically, it'll probably be more like 4-6 weeks. Ugh. Oh well, in the meantime, I'll concentrate on the local study...

I go in on Tuesday for my evaluation and blood work for it. I hope I still have blood left on Tuesday for them to take! I don't know when I'll hear something back from this study about my acceptance, but I plan to ask on Tuesday.

And in case you're wondering, I'm leaning towards the Chicago study, but if I'm accepted into the local study I'll probably participate in it while I'm waiting on the acceptance from Chicago.

In other news, I've been having some weird pains near both of my ovaries. I'm thinking it may be a cyst. If they do an ultrasound on Tuesday I may find out. I'm not really charting that much. I temped this morning and it was super low and I'm having EWCM.... hmmmmm? Not getting my hopes up though...


  1. Good luck! Make sure you drink lots of water before your blood draw, it'll help them in finding a vein and having the blood flow out quickly. I hope all goes well with the testing!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    And I'm praying you don't have a cyst :)