August 9, 2009

Panic Attack

I think I had a mild panic attack this morning. I've only experienced this feeling one other time in my life. It's an awful feeling.

I've had so much on my plate lately, which has bottled up into extreme stress. I think the bulk of the stress involves my company. We have been extremly slow and at times I worry we won't be able to pay bills. I'm not the kind of person to sit around and wait for business to pick back up again... maybe I should be.

So lately, I've been reaching out to do more freelance work (work I don't usually do, but that I'm capable of handling). I haven't had any real bites (paid projects), so I'm still stressed.

I've decided that I need to add onto my website. The additions will result in better search engine results, which will bring more business my way. The additions are extensive. I've been working on this for atleast 2-3 weeks and I have yet to add anything to the website as I'm still compliling information, content, images, etc.... so I'm stressed.

In addition to the website additions, I've decided I also need to create a blog for my business.. and a facebook account... and a twitter account...and an etsy shop...are you getting my drift? I could go on and on, seriously.

DH got a part time job at the bookstore on campus! I should be relieved, but I'm so overwhelmed with my own stresses. I can't look past them. He'll be working about 30 hours a week, and I'm worried he won't get enough time to focus on his school work. And I'm also stressed, because what if I need to get a job away from home and we only have one car!?!?!? :::stopping my head from spinning:::

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  1. Breathe. I realize it's hard to listen & hard to say...but breathe.

    You can do it!