August 26, 2009

HSG Scheduled!!

AF arrived yesterday! It was super light and I've been experiencing some really weird spotting/light AF patterns, so I waited till today to call my study coordinator to schedule the HSG. This morning she arrived with three pieces of luggage, so I made the call today! :)

HSG is scheduled for next Thursday at 9:15 am! Since we only have one car, I'll have to drop DH off at school and then make my way to Grapevine! I hope I can drive home... I've heard it can be pretty painful. My paperwork says to take 2 ibuprofen 45 minutes before the procedure. I think I'll take 3 just in case!

Also, my bloodwork came back and everything was NORMAL. Not within normal ranges for the study specifically, but *REAL* NORMAL! Can you believe that? I didn't even have a slightly high testosterone level like I've received before which would indicate PCOS. hmmm? She's going to give me copies of the results on Thursday. Then, I can bring them home and over analyze them by googling and reading online for hours! Hehe!

So we're one step closer... wahoo! I'm ready to get on with this! :)

Off subject... I haven't mentioned much about my new coupon lifestyle, but today I stumbled upon this Schwan's offer on Frugal Coupon Living. I wish I had more time to read her site! My free $10 worth of food will arrive on Friday! It was totally free! No delivery charges, nada!

1 comment:

  1. Yay fo AF arriving! {I think this will be the only time we are actually GLAD to see her, lol}

    Good luck on the HSG. You're smart to take some ibuprofen before hand. It's like experiencing major cramps.

    side note: thanks for the coupon!