August 28, 2009

Tattle Tell

Didn't your mom tell you not to “tattle tell”? Hehehe… I tattle told today and I feel so guilty!

We live in the back of a neighborhood and my desk in my office faces the window. It always catches my eye to see a car drive by, the mail man arrive at the mailbox, a unleashed dog run by, or someone exercising, because it doesn’t happen much! I always seem to be distracted by my neighbors across the street. Like, for instance, on trash day they both clean out their trash cans with their water hoses. Really? Who does that? Not to mention, who has time to do that? Then they’ll leave it in the driveway to dry..... ::thinking to myself:: "Maybe I should be doing that for the trash men."

Here’s the view from my office window:

We’ve lived here for 3 months and in that time I’ve figured out that in the two story house lives a young woman who gave birth within the first week of us living here. One day I saw her all cute and PG, and then one day with a baby carrier! In the house also lives 3 other small children, but I usually see them with an older woman (maybe the grandma?). I’m not sure if all of the kids are the younger woman’s, but I predict there are a lot of kids in that one house! Then in the one story next to them lives a businessman. He goes to work at about 10 am everyday and wears nice dress shirts and pants. His parents live with him. They’re older. [mail man just got here. Hehe!]

So today I saw the businessman leave for work, like I do everyday. As he pulls out of his driveway and drives in front of my house, I noticed him casually throwing a white plastic grocery bag out of his window. WTF!?!? Who does that anymore!? Ok, I’m not a big gung ho environmental advocate, but geez, that irritates me. You were just at your home where you have a huge trashcan sitting within 10 feet of you!? ...not to mention, a CLEAN trashcan! :)

A few months back I had heard on the radio that you can report people who throw cigerette butts out their car window (a form of littering). I was so intrigued to know that you can actually report someone using their license plate. The state will mail the vehicle owner a TRASH BAG along with a letter reminding them to keep litter of our roads! HAH!! I love it! So today I googled it and found this! I reported him! I felt so guilty afterwards! After I reported him, I went outside to find the bag and it wasn't anywhere to be found. Great, now it's probably in the creek or clogging the sewer drain.

The link is for Texas, but hopefully your state has something similar!


  1. i so prob would've done it. haha! & how do you get work done? id have my nose glued to the window seeing what was going on. ;)

  2. I know! I'm nosey when it comes to my neighbors! I have to know what kind of weirdos I'm living next too... lol... they're probably saying the same about me!