August 12, 2009

Perfectly Abnormal

First and foremost, I'm feeling much much better! :)

The initial study evaluations are completed!! On Monday, I went in to have my blood drawn for Chicago. It was a lot of blood, so thankfully, I didn't pass out! Now, we wait about 6-8 weeks for the results...

Yesterday, we went in to my RE office to be evaluated for their research study. This was my first visit to their office and I was so pleasantly surprised with the office. It was so large and soooo beautiful! I really felt like I was walking into a spa!

We met with the nurse who asked us both many many questions. She then took my blood and said it would take about 2 weeks for the results. Next, DH and I met with the doctor in her office. She asked us a couple of questions. Explained a bit about the study and then explained she would be performing a sonogram to make sure everything inside (my uterus, ovaries, cervix, etc.) looked ok. I told her and the nurse I was a little worried I may have a cyst as a result of my last Clomid cycle and so surprisingly, no cysts were found; however, I did have a large follicle! It seems that was the pain I've been feeling! It was only about 14-15 mm.

After the sono, the doctor said I was "perfectly PCOS"! I was honored, yet, disappointed! I was pleased to finally have a definite diagnosis and essentially an answer!

Overall, the visit went amazingly! All of the staff treated us like we'd been patients for years! I came home with a bag full of PNV samples, images from my sono, and the most important item, a specimen cup!! DH has his SA scheduled for Friday!!

We feel so fortunate to have this opportunity! The value is priceless!

I'll begin 5 days of Provera tonight, so I can have my HSG during CD 6-10. Then hopefully if all of our test results come back acceptable, we'll receive an official acceptance into the study!!

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