April 3, 2011

Strange Changes in The Belly

I'm not surprised, but it's a little freaky to look back at my last 3 belly pictures - one picture before I got sick, one during my sickness, and one post sickness.

I lost 7.5 pounds during the week I was battling the virus. I gained most of it back, but I'm still about 3 pounds away from what I was before. So my total weight gain went from 14 pounds to 11 pounds.

I've been doing some hardcore nesting lately. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the nursery is not finished. My goal date is still set for May 1st! I'm pretty confident I can achieve that! There are still some small things we need to get for this baby; however, I have my last shower next weekend, so I'm taking my time getting all of the loose ends taken care of.

We took our childbirth class this weekend. Working for an OB/GYN I thought it would be pretty boring, but it was actually pretty informational! I guess I really don't know everything about pregnancy and childbirth! :P I think daddy enjoyed the class as well! I asked him if he learned anything, and he said he didn't know I could poop on myself! lol. Oops! I guess I left that small detail out!

Another Fun Daddy Tidbit: Daddy heard baby girl's heartbeat loud and clear with his ear to my belly yesterday!! He loved it!

She's still head down... crossing fingers she stays that way! :)

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