April 8, 2011

A moment I enjoy and don't want to forget!

I read somewhere that the baby doesn't "enjoy" what I eat/drink until 2 hours after the meal. I eat breakfast at about 7:30 am every morning. Lately, I've been drinking a glass of orange juice with my bowl of cereal. She LOVES orange juice!

It's like clockwork, every morning at 10 am, I get some little reminders that there's a bouncing baby girl in my belly! I feel her little feet way high in my belly!

If I rest my arm at the top of my belly, it feels like she's walking on my hand and arm! It's so comforting. I love it!

We had our 32 week OB check up yesterday. She's measuring perfectly still and I've gained back all but one pound from my sickness. Total weight gain - 12 pounds.

I talked with my OB about a pain I've been having. All signs point to the gallbladder. At this point in my pregnancy, I do not think they will do surgery to remove it, but he wants me to have an u/s done anyways. Ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, so we'll see what's in there.

Also, after I got home from our appointment we started to get the apartment cleaned and presentable for company this weekend. I think I started to feel my first BH contractions. I haven't been feeling these at all, but wasn't wishing for these to show up either! I'm still not 100% positive this is what I'm feeling. I guess it could also be baby girl's butt pushing up and out, because I feel that often! :)

Lastly, my daughter has nails... and probably long fingers like her momma. I feel her claw at my bladder and cervix often! It feels so strange, like she's trying to break out of there!! It worries me a little, because we've been told she's head down. Maybe she's messing with her beautiful brown locks! :)

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