April 27, 2011

35 week update

35 weeks, 35 days to go!!

So apparently, my daughter had a bit of a growth spurt in the last two weeks. I can't believe the amount of growth in my belly in only 2 weeks. I can't imagine getting any bigger!! I don't feel huge; however, I am starting to notice the difference in her movements. They are more noticeable, because she's bigger and running out of room. I'm also finding it more and more difficult to roll over in the middle of the night!

My OB visits continue to be boring. Thankfully, fundus always measures "perfectly" in my doctor's words, BP is normal, nothing spilling into urine, and no complications. My OB made a remark at my visit last week that I was the first "uncomplicated patient of the day"! Awwww!

I am crossing my fingers we can finish the nursery up this weekend, but I'm waiting for her wall decals to arrive and I'm not sure we'll get them by Friday or Saturday. :( If not, I'll be busy putting the finishing touches on her room AND studying for finals next weekend.

It's becoming more real that we'll be responsible for a newborn in a few weeks. I'm training my replacement at work who will be taking care of my job responsibilities at the office. I'm also working hard to make sure everything is ready to go when I go on maternity leave!

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