April 17, 2011

Fort Worth Shower and 33 week update

Our local shower was last weekend. It was hosted by Cathy, my boss' wife, and my oldest sister, Melissa. The one word I can use to describe the event was Magical. They made this occasion so beautiful and classy! We enjoyed brunch foods to include biscuits & gravy, eggs, pastries, croissants, fruit, curdled cream, and the list goes on! The meal was accompanied by mimosas, bloody mary's, and orange juice (for me!). The ladies used the colors of the nursery and decorated with fresh flowers, feathers, and satin.

Both sets of parents came into town, as well as my middle sister and her family. This occasion was particularly important to me, because this was the first time my family would meet Dr. G (my boss) and his wife. They all know how fortunate I feel to work for such wonderful people, and I wanted them to see that first hand. I witnessed Cathy tell my mother that I was dropped here [in Fort Worth] by God. You can imagine how that made me feel.

So, I'll be 34 weeks in a couple of days!

I'm still feeling amazing and sleeping as good as I could possibly be, so I'm thankful! DH and I have turned the nesting into overdrive. We have a list of what is left to buy, and I'm so very thankful to our family and friends who have absolutely showered this baby in abundance with gifts, that our list is very short and only includes a few last minutes small items and a couple wants!

I'm still experiencing gallbladder pain. I had an ultrasound on Monday. The tech took lots of pictures, but my results came back normal. I may have buildup, but I have no stones. I may need a HIDA scan, but can't have one of those during pregnancy.

The tech did share two things with me. Baby girl has lots of hair! I was happy, but a little confused. I thought she was head down? ...YES, baby girl flipped and is now head UP! Grrrrrr. She's been head down for at least 5-6 weeks and now she's head up!?! This explains the strange circus acts I was feeling this weekend. And actually, as of this morning, I think I'm feeling taps of heels and feet again, so I'm crossing my fingers she corrected the error. :) Update: She is indeed head down again! She gets her indecisiveness from her daddy!

33 week belly pic...

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