March 28, 2011

So very close to hospital...

(written on Friday)
Ok, so I hear that the 3rd trimester is the miserable one. First trimester is filled with the nausea, vomiting, stress of miscarriage, etc. Second is the best and, well, the third is miserable.

I started to feel the hip pains and waking up every 2 hours due to pain or pee. I struggle to roll over, get into, and get out of bed. Ok, so this is annoying, but I'm doing ok... until... stomach virus.

I'm going on day #3 of this horrible sickness. I suffered through day #1 in hopes that it was just a 24 hour bug, but nope, going on 72 hours now. At least I can bear to type and focus on the computer monitor today, without becoming horribly nauseated.

I had a regular OB appointment yesterday, so I know I'd be able to talk with him about the virus and hopefully go home with miracle meds. Well, my urine was nonexistent, it looked like Ziegenbock according to his nurse! He said if I didn't see improvement I'd be spending the weekend in the hospital. I was really surprised he didn't send me straight there.

(finished today)
Thankfully, I avoided the hospital vacation. I am finally 99% all better!! I can finally eat, but only tiny/small meals. I guess my stomach shrunk so much or baby took over the available space!

Here's a picture from our baby shower last weekend:

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  1. Love your hubby's shirt. The miserableness will end soon, just a few more weeks!