March 16, 2011

A Riot?!

If my math is correct, I haven't blogged in nearly 2 weeks. Wow. Time is flying, and unfortunately, I've been kept very busy with school. This week is Spring Break, but last week I had a comprehensive exam in Chemistry, a midterm in Chemistry Lab, a paper and exam in Drama and tons of homework and assignments due for Pysch. I was so stressed out! Thankfully, I made it through all of that... now I wish my professors would just post my grades!!

So I'm in the THIRD TRIMESTER!! It doesn't feel any different. Just a heart getting bigger and bigger to hold all the love I share for the LO inside!

I'm still experiencing some minor hip pain at night, and it's becoming more and more difficult to function with a big belly. I do feel her in my right rib sometimes, but if I sit up straight the pain goes away! I can't say I'm miserable yet.

Movement has definitely increased this week. One night I was convinced she was auditioning for the circus, and last night she was either rioting or trying to break out of there! She moves so much sometimes that it freaks me out a bit. Like how can she move soooo quickly with her limbs a flailing like that!? I'm enjoying it though!

And BOY has the belly grown. It wasn't until I took a belly pic today and looked at my last belly pic that I noticed a difference!

Baby Shower #1 of 2 is this weekend. We'll head south to Austin after work on Friday. I'm so excited! It seems that MANY of my friends, some whom I haven't seen in YEARS, will be in attendance!! I can't wait!

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