February 8, 2011

24 weeks - Week of Viability

Today I noticed my babystrology.com widget says 112 days left. WOW. In 13 days I'll be saying "DOUBLE DIGITS-99 days left". WOW. That's crazy to think about...

Some say this is the "week of viability". If baby girl were to be born today, she would have a 40-70% chance at survival. Next week, her chance of survival jumps to 50-80%. Then at week 26, an 80-90% chance. A greater than 50% chance is great, but I'm most comfortable with the 80-90% chance at week 26! So, I'm going to hold off my celebrations for when I can say "99 days left". That will be a huge milestone and we'll have more than one reason to celebrate! I'm such an overachiever! ;)

I'm also planning to make my blog public on that day. I have mixed feelings about it. I feel like I'll be opening up all of my secrets to the world. Are they really secrets? NO. But that's what it feels like. I'm ready for the world to know what DH and I have been through, but I'm really bad with handling the comments, opinions, or judgments - especially the ones I didn't ask for. But, on the other hand, if my journey can help one person then it will all be worth it! :)

Things are still going great. I've been battling bad heartburn, indigestion, and some round ligament pain (RLP). But nothing I can't handle. I do think that sometimes I may have a braxton hicks contraction (BH). I'm not too sure though. It doesn't happen often or ever repeat itself in a short period of time, so I'm thankful for that.

Other than that, not much going on. We had 3 ice/snow days last week, so I didn't have class all week. They are forecasting another bad weather day for tomorrow. After being stuck in the house for 2 days straight I was itching to get out, but oh so scared to do so in my new car! I have to admit though, I thoroughly enjoyed my days off from work and school! I'm sure the next 2 or 3 weeks are going to be HELL playing catch up. :(

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