January 31, 2011

My NEW Mommy Mobile!!

I'm still truly sad our Altima didn't last us a long time. I wanted to enjoy driving a car with no car payment, but sometimes I can't always get what I want! I know long term DH and I will love the piece of mind knowing we're carting around our baby girl in a reliable car, and we won't have to stress or worry about it breaking down on us with the baby in the car ...in triple digit Texas heat!

So, long story short, we looked into a Chevrolet Equinox! We went to one dealership and realized maybe it was going to cost too much. We had a number and we needed to stick to it! So we started to look at the new Chevy Cruze.! The price was about $5K less. It was smaller than the Altima, so we worried a little bit about convenience when we travel to Austin with baby and 2 dogs. Again, we were sticking to our number and couldn't complain.

Then, after about a week of car shopping we both came home exhausted and frustrated. Deep down we both wanted the Equinox. We continued to shop around and found new Equinoxes advertised for $19,995 in Frisco. We proposed this to our dealer and, even though, they would be losing $$ on the deal (supposedly!) if the other dealership was going to do it, then so were they! In the end, we got what we wanted for only $3K more than we were going to pay for the Cruze!! We stuck to our number and we still got what we wanted! A beautiful 2011 White Chevrolet Equinox!

Honestly, this was our best car shopping experience by far! We took our time and shopped around for WEEKS! It was exhausting and frustrating but in the end it paid off! We are 100% positive we got the BEST possible deal! My BIL has "connections" in the GM business who confirmed that we got a GREAT deal on this car. I feel so good about this purchase!

I'm so looking forward to having our family in this car! DH and I are so in love with it!

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  1. awesome! And you are so going to need all that extra cargo space.

    Love it!