February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

My honest opinion of Valentine’s Day is this... It’s just another day with a label that requires everyone to spend money on unnecessary items. If your SO needs a day to say and do romantic things, you need a new SO! Just sayin’! Hah! You’d think I was single talking like that! :P

Well, it’s true!

This year I told DH that I didn’t want him spending (a.k.a. WASTING) money on Valentine’s Day gifts for me. If he was going to spend money, he needed to spend it on our daughter!! So, as my V-day gift, guess what I got?!?!


I’m stoked! Because this is a MUST HAVE for baby girl. Here in Texas allergies are killer and if she’s our daughter she will battle them, like her parents do! We also have two dogs and a cat, so unless my baby has magical powers this item will be used!!

I’m so happy he bought the one we registered for AND he used a 15% coupon!! I teach him so well! And naturally it’s a FROG! DH’s TCU Horned Frogs = Frog Humidifier for baby girl! :P

Speaking of TCU...here’s what I gave DH for V-day!!

I had it custom made for him and our baby girl! It’s a TCU Cloth Pocket Diaper by Squeezie Cheeks!! It’s size small, so it won’t fit her for a while, but I LOVE it and DH loved it too!!

I did come home to a steak and lobster dinner AND fresh flowers! So he did go against the "no money spent on me rule", BUT he said he shopped around at 3 places before buying the flowers! I love him more and more when he makes an effort to save us money! :) Happy V-day Everyone! I hope you feel as loved as I do today!