February 27, 2011

Nursery Planning - Ideas and Inspiration

I think we're about 90% completed with the nursery planning phase. I stressed and stressed over the nursery bedding, which I knew would be the main inspiration point. I couldn't look at curtains, accent pillows, fabric lined baskets, wall decals, lamps, ... really anything without making a decision on the bedding.

The stress started when I couldn't find anything WE liked at Target or Babies R Us (where we registered). There were tons that I liked, but DH veto'd. (Looking back I'm glad he did, because I'm totally infatuated with the crib bedding set we ending up choosing!) I also stressed because at one point my sister and I were totally set on sewing a custom set! We had the pictures printed, the pattern picked out and purchased, and all of the measurements and totals written down..... the problem? I LOST the paper with all of the measurements. When I was ready to start buying fabric, it was no where to be found. Thanks Pregnancy Brain. Again, looking back, I'm glad I lost it! :)

So here it is! Our crib bedding, Lulu Sweet Potato by Glenna Jean:

This set was priced a bit more than I was planning on spending. Our original plan of sewing a custom set would have saved us at least $100-$150, so you can imagine how elated I was when my sister told me she would buy us our bedding! I was speechless when I found out she also added the mobile and valence to her purchase! I love my sister so!

Our crib was purchased during Thanksgiving of last year, thanks to my wonderful in-laws!! We went with the Graco Lauren when it went on sale for about $130 w/ a FREE changing table!

DH and I purchased the chest of drawers in January and went with Ikea's Hemnes collection. We originally wanted to go with the tall 6-drawer chest, but when we realized that the 6-drawer was really only 1 large drawer more for $100 more, we went with the 3-drawer instead! The one large drawer and 2 small drawer difference wasn't worth an extra $100 in our opinion! We are very pleased with the drawer space and tall height on the 3 drawer option!

DH and I plan to add this shelving unit in March as the last piece of furniture for the nursery:

I'm undecided on a glider. The ones I love are $300-$400. Eeeeck!

Wall Decals
Since we're renting at the moment and unsure if we're going to stay here past October, we may just go with decorative wall decals to give the walls some color. I've found a guy who can duplicate the large flower decals seen on the picture of the crib bedding!

I'd also like to add our own version of these!

Her name above her crib... this will be tricky as we won't decide on a name until AFTER delivery! :)

...and this quote, which DH and I loathe CORRECTION by the college educated hubby who informed me I didn't know what "loathe" means: love. It's sort of our mantra within our marriage. We went without THINGS for 3 years to be able to bring this little girl into the world... and still be able to attend school... all while maintaining a one car household... with one full time income. And, we plan to continue to do so after she arrives!

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  1. That bedding is PERFECT! Love it.

    Just a heads up on the crib. I bought two of those, they're really fantastic! {also got that deal with the changing table!} But The Hubs and I learned that on the mattress spring carrier, if you reverse those slats that connect onto the crib, your mattress will be higher & not so low for you to put your baby into the crib. Also, easier on your back.

    Oh and the changing table, we had to retire it after she started tossing & turning. Bummer cause it was a good one!