November 19, 2009

Chicago and an update

Our housing troubles seem to be behind us for the most part. Our landlord has found a new tenant who is available to move in on December 1st, so he won't need to proceed with an official eviction. That is great news! We will begin moving the day after Thanksgiving!

I'm scheduled to fly out to Chicago on Sunday. I'll be beginning the testing for the new Research Study I'll be participating in. I will only be in Chicago for two nights. I do know that I'll be involved in some pretty extensive tests such as an MRI, CAT scan, and a treadmill test. I'm looking forward to meeting with the dietitian and getting on with my weight loss! :)

This will be a 6 month study; however, I am allowed to leave the study at any time, if I choose. I'm grateful I have a choice, but I'm not starting this with any intention to leave the study early.

So, essentially, this means we'll be on a TTC-break while I participate in the study. I think the 6 months will fly by. We've been TTC for 2 years now, so what is another 6 months! We're still young and thinking positively!

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