November 7, 2009

House troubles

In October, my company experienced it's lowest revenue to date. It was even lower than my first month in business.

Our November rent was extremely difficult to pay, so we contacted our landlord to request a sublease for December 1st. We were so happy to hear that he was actually willing to work with us. Whatever amount we were behind, we would just pay him back within 90 days. Fantastic... then, he consulted with his attorney... and the rug was pulled right out from under us.

His attorney advised him that we could not make an agreement outside of the lease. If we're unable to pay our rent in December, he will move forward with a formal eviction.

Ugh, back to apartment living. Dh and I are sad to leave this house. We love it, but we're trying to focus on the positives. It will only be for 7 months. We'll be right across the street from the college and dh will be able to walk to school! The best news is our rent will save us over $700 a month!

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