December 3, 2009

Ready for 2010

What's the saying? "God doesn't give you more than you can handle?" Well, I'm feeling at maximum capacity.

Here’s what has been going on:
Week of Thanksgiving – Trip to Chicago, Thanksgiving with family in Fort Worth, Packing the entire house on Black Friday, Moving the next day (Saturday), Unpacking on Sunday and on Monday and still in progress.

When we moved into our apartment, we found mold – yup! It wasn’t “considered an emergency” so of course, we had to wait until Monday to have someone come out to take a look at it. It’s still not 100% rectified. The scent is lingering or the carpets need to be cleaned again or completely replaced.

Business is still slow. The (second) job I acquired was "given" to an internal employee without my permission - long story. So now I'm job hunting again. Money is still very tight, or frankly, nonexistent.

I haven’t been temping at all. I haven’t even thought about TTC. I haven’t been following a good diet (per my dietitian in Chicago) due to all that has been going on. I’m really in no positive attitude to eat well. I’ve given up for the time being.

I can honestly say 2009 as been horrible for myself. I am so ready for the New Year and to say goodbye to 09.


  1. I am so sorry that 2009 wasnt a good year for you. Im hopeful that 2010 has a lot of bright parts in store for you, you deserve it!

  2. I'm sorry girl, I really hope the next few weeks pick up for you. I know 2010 will be be great. I just know it :)