November 1, 2009

Extremely Stressed

A lot is going on right now. I almost can't even blog right now, because I don't even want to think about it, so... for now, I won't depress you.

I got good news at my visit on Friday; however, once I got home is when everything came crumbling down, so I didn't have time to really celebrate!

I have a "new" large follicle on my left side. Yay! They are positive this is not the cyst, because well, the cyst is still there. The follicle was about 18mm on Friday and I've been having strong O pains ever since. Now these O pains are what I associate as O pains. Since I do not actually O, I can best describe it as what I feel when follicles are larger in size. And in a way, I think that my body is trying very hard to release them, but can't, and well, that's what I'm feeling.

DH and I bd'd yesterday just in case! Since I'm responding late, they may add on another appointment for another PG test.

Other than that, I'm hanging in there.


  1. Hey, Im sorry you have alot going on right now. I am wrapping you in a huge virtual hug and will keep you in my prayers.

    Im glad you had a large follie on the left side and hope it releases! All it takes is one egg and one sperm so I will remain hopeful for you!

  2. Yay for that follicle! I am praying it releases!

    And hoping you have a great day/week!