June 2, 2009

My First Housewarming Gift

We’re all moved in!! It’s been very hectic around here, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The new house is treating us very well! We didn’t realize what hell we lived in our 700 square foot apartment. Now living in nearly 2000 sq ft of space is quite a change! Just to go to the bathroom, I must take many more steps! :)

We had our first “gathering” at the house on Saturday night. My sister and her family came over and dh grilled some steaks! It was soooo nice to finally be able to entertain guests! We had just moved in the day before so my guest bathroom wasn’t fully equipped at all. All I had in there was toilet paper!! I was running around the house last minute trying to find hand soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, and a hand towel! It was quite funny, but it just reminds me of all of the joys of living in a house versus an apartment. I hope we never go back to living in an apartment, ever!

Yesterday morning I awoke to a pleasant surprise. My first housewarming gift knocked on the door in the form of a visit from Aunt Flo. Since I haven’t been ovulating, I’m always pleased to see AF when she arrives on her own. This cycle was 40 days. Not too bad, I can’t complain.

So now what? It’s officially CD2 today. I’m at the point where I’m willing to try anything, but if I’m honest with myself, really, I’m hesitant to go see an RE, try IUI, explore IVF, etc. I feel like we’ve only had ONE chance, so why should be move on? I’ve ovulated once on the Clomid.

So we’re going to cautiously try 25 mg of Clomid. We’re doing things a little different this time around. No sonogram on CD12, which really freaks me out, but I must trust my doctor. He’ll do b/w on CD21. Supposedly, he should be able to tell if I O’d and if I have a cyst by the results of the b/w. Really?? Ok, whatever. I’ll probably ask for a sonogram, if this cycle ends with a BFN and we move on to another Clomid cycle, just to be sure there's no cyst.

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  1. Im glad the house is doing good and that you are enjoying all that space!

    I hope this cycle goes good for you and that the 25 mg Clomid kicks your ovaries into gear. Im thinking of you.