May 23, 2009

I'm still alive, I promise!!

I haven't blogged in a little over two weeks, but believe me, I've wanted/needed to so bad; however, I haven't had one available minute to actually do it!

To get you caught up, here's a little of what's been going on:
My laptop crashed on May 10th. No laptop = No job = No money = Doomed. Dh had his finals the following Monday - Thursday, so luckily he only needed his laptop a few times during the week and the other times he left it with me. I was dreading the thought that I may have to unexpectedly have to spend $600 - $700 on a new laptop if mine was totally dead. UGH. This wasn't good, because I was headed to Austin next weekend for my friend's Wedding Shower and usually that means spending more $$$. I wasn't happy at all.

THEN, Dh took our car to get the oil changed on Thursday since we were headed out of town that same day to Austin. Dh came home with BAD NEWS. Not again!?!? Really?? Yup, the radiator was leaking. So should we drive it to Austin with a car full of luggage and two small dogs? Everyone who is car smarter than us said "probably not". Not worth it to chance it. GREAT, so guess what?? Rental Car Required = $200 spent...unexpectedly. My week was horrible, to say the least!

THEN, oh it's not over..... the following week (technically this week) we were to start painting the rental house. Yay!! We got the keys, EARLY, on Saturday while we were in Austin, from our totally cool Landlord! So Monday, evening we went to Home Depot and spent $100 on paint and supplies.... eck. Well, this was expected, so I shouldn't compain, but after last week, we were hurting at this point! So we start to paint Monday evening and well....... the color is nothing like the actual swatch we choose! I kept painting thinking that it would darken up over night. Nope. Boy was I wrong. Long story short, after 4 color samples, we chose another color and spent another $125 on paint and supplies.

All in all, I should share the good news.... My FIL recommend we buy some kind of "patch" for the radiator leak from Auto Zone. We did and it worked, Thank God!! $550 repair in a $20 bottle! My laptop's hard drive went out, so $600/$700 new laptop turned into a $160 expense! And the painting is nearly DONE in the rental house. We just need to go back and do a little bit of trim painting and touch ups and it's done!!! Carpets will get cleaned next week and we'll move in on Friday!!! I'm so excited!

TTC-wise, nothing. What else is new? I haven't been charting much since my laptop died, because I lost my Ovusoft software and file. I could retrieve it, but I'll probably just start using Fertility Friend again. I do know I'm on CD32 with no O. I'll temp tomorrow just to be sure and I may even test, just to be positive.

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  1. Man, Im sorry about all the money issues- why is it that it always happens all at once? It sounds like things worked out better than expected in the end so yay!

    Hope your body gets itself in gear and O's soon, I will be thinking about you!